January 18, 2017


There is always something to look forward to, plan for, or attend with Pegasus RDA. Here are just a few upcoming events for our 2017 calendar.

Regional Show

Save the date for the RDA North West Regional Show! The competition will be on May 21st and held at MidCheshire RDA group. As yet RDA National Office are to confirm the details but we are sure to find out more soon. Although we will be a very new group still in May, we are hoping to go with a couple of riders and ponies as our first ever group entry into a show. The show has 2 types of events, dressage and Country Side Challenge. As ever with RDA, the show is aimed at everyone, with different classes for every level of ability.

Show prep is hard work but very rewarding! We will have a team of pre-show preppers making sure the ponies are beatified and ready to gleam at the event! At the show the show-team will get the horses settled and ready for the day, work with the riders and support the competitive fun! Not only this but the coaches will be working hard training the riders and volunteers on the ins and outs of the competition, rules and tips for success! All in all it’s a huge team effort and we hope to see you there, either riding or supporting!

To find out more about the show, getting involved on the day, or supporting our finding for the event, please contact the team via our Contact Us form.