January 18, 2017


Pegasus RDA has both full size indoor and outdoor riding arenas available and we use the indoor as a priority to account for the Manchester weather!

The indoor arena has a viewing area and café attached where families and friends can watch sessions in the warmth and get refreshments

In addition to these wonderful arenas we also access the TransPennineWay where we will be able to ride out and hack for longer sessions in the summer where our riders will gain other riding experiences to help achieve their Endurance Awards!

There is a large portable mounting block from which we can mount most riders. Small children who are not weight bearing can be lifted on and off the ponies by their parent/carer. As we do not have a hoist, or ramp we unfortunately cannot currently mount non-weight bearing adults.

The café area is currently not wheelchair accessible. We are pursuing building quotes and need to raise about £2,500 for the ramp. Please help us by contacting the team on 07746 583928 with donations or funding ideas.