Matt’s RDA Holiday

Here is Matt’s write-up of the RDA holiday he enjoyed earlier this year.

“I was lucky enough to be invited on the recent RDA riding holiday at Clwyd. I didn’t really know what to expect but I ended up having an awesome weekend, I will remember it for a long time!”

“When we arrived I was introduced to my horse, called Moo, I was able to look after him all weekend.
I was involved in all his care, including grooming, rugging, catching him from the field, putting him out at night-time and cleaning his tack. I learnt a lot about horse care from all the different RDA volunteers, I really appreciated their patience with me.”

“I had two rides each day, using the indoor arena and the all-weather outdoor track. On Saturday we helped demonstrate the Countryside Challenge for instructors to learn how to judge the obstacles. It was quite scary riding in front of everyone, although they weren’t judging our riding and we were encouraged to make mistakes!
I also had a lesson on the mechanical horse and enjoyed cantering along a virtual beach.
It was great to meet other riders and listen to their experiences.”

“I learnt so much during the weekend, particularly in horse care. I was awarded my grade 3 riding and horse care. I’m now a lot more confident around horses and I help tack up and lead younger riders. I am working towards my bronze YELA award.”

“This experience has inspired me to become the best rider I can and let no obstacles get in my way.”