RDA Volunteer of the Year 2018!

Helen Bacon : RDA Volunteer of the Year 2018!


Our wonderful trustee and coach, Helen Bacon, has been awarded a very high accolade by the RDA National Committee, RDA National Volunteer of the Year!


The award is presented to someone each year who has gone above and beyond the role of volunteer, given their all and made significant difference to their group. there is no doubt that Helen has surpassed these requirements for nomination!


With over 500 groups and over 10,000 volunteers nationally, competition is strong and wining this award huge!


The award (not the green pony in the picture, but a glass trophy!) was presented at the annual Gala Dinner in London, which was a star studded evening with huge representation from the RDA community, Para and olympic riders, news and sports presenters, as well as many supporting businesses who helped fund the event.


A video has also been created by RDA National which gives a great overview of Helen and her commitment to the group.


Huge congratulations to Helen and a big ‘thank you’ from all the team for everything you do. x