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Grace’s Cycling Challenge for Pegasus!

We are currently fundraising in order to provide a home for two new ponies. We need to raise upwards of £10,000, which will allow us to renovate an area of land to make a suitable home for them. In support of this project, our fantastic rider Grace decided to undertake a fundraising challenge and she has absolutely smashed all expectations!

On 23rd December, 9 year old Grace, together with her family, braved the cold weather to complete a 5km sponsored bike ride.

Initially, Grace had set a £100 target, however, we have all been astounded by the amount of support she has received. So far, Grace has raised over £1,300 for Pegasus, which is truly phenomenal!

A huge thank you goes to Grace and her family for completing this epic challenge in support of Pegasus RDA!

Grace’s fundraising page is still open if you would like to support her:

Alternatively, you can make a direct donation to Pegasus RDA by clicking on the link below:

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